About Candidate

Nola Wood for
State Representative District 36
Common Sense Values…Not just another politician.

Why am I running? I believe there are enough voters who share our values here in south KC in the 36th district, that we can make the difference in our state to:
*Protect innocent human life at all ages
*Restore healthcare freedom, lowering costs, improving access
*Support educational freedom
*Protect freedom of speech and free exercise of your faith
*Push back against human trafficking, though KC is a hub
*Provide needed oversight to county & city governments including solving the Jackson County tax assessment fiasco!


Background: Nola Wood has served our community in business and as a volunteer over the years. She has helped others as a distributor for a health technology company, and as an independent insurance broker, serving families and small businesses with health and life insurance.
Nola raised and home schooled her three children, supporting them after divorce when the children were 9, 11, & 13. She is an alumna of the With Hope in Mind classes for caregivers and family members of the mentally ill.

Nola has been working hard to preserve our freedoms for the next generation. Seeing the need for more principled conservatives in government, she has run for the Mo. legislature, founded the KC Conservatives, and co-founded a Republican women’s club, which have met monthly since 2011. She has served in presidential and statewide campaigns, and as the regional field director for a national pro-life organization.

Nola has also served the community on the boards of Friends of Missouri Town, her homes association, and the Dramatic Truth School of the Arts.

Nola is working hard now to restore common sense values to our representation in the Missouri legislature. If elected, she will work tirelessly to roll back over-regulation, cut waste, and pass needed reforms to restore vital economic opportunities for our people.

Friends, We have an unprecedented opportunity to make a real difference at this time in history. The left has been revealing their true colors like never before, and voters are ready to make changes!

Let’s make history in our community in 2020 by electing a representative who shares your values, and has the life experience to make the difference.
Some great ways to help include:

__Be listed as an endorser of the campaign

__Host a “meet & greet” or fundraiser, in your home, office, or a venue we help locate in compliance with current meeting limits, or by telemeeting!

__Contribute funds to help with campaign expenses. Checks can be sent to Friends of Nola Wood, 11301 Kensington, KC, Mo, 64137 or donate online at electNola.com  (Current campaign finance laws allow up to $2,046 per individual donor, per campaign cycle.)
__Have a sign in your yard or on your property in the 36th district! See the district map at https://house.mo.gov/districtmap.aspx?district=036

__Help make phone calls using campaign data & an easy to follow survey

__ As new friends reply, help enter data in our campaign database

__Other practical ways to help we haven’t thought to list here?

Many blessings & thanks!

Nola Wood
Founder, KCConservatives

Past President, Greater KC Association of Health Underwriters
Secretary, Dramatic Truth School of the Arts Board
2017-18 KC Regional Field Director Susan B. Anthony List
20th Ward Committeewoman, Jackson County Republican Committee
Board member, Past President, Terrace Lake Gardens Homes Association
Co-founder, Past President, Republican Women of Greater KC