Letter from Nola

Dear friends,
Many, many thanks to each of you who helped SO MUCH in my run for the special election for 36th district state representative. It was a huge blessing seeing so many of you at the polls on election day, as many indicated you had written me in on your ballot. You can see photos of some of the friends who supported me on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/nola.m.wood.

The day was both great & terrible, though, as it ended with a very sad loss. Write-in votes who got both my first and last name on there totaled 653, against the Democrat’s 3,018, and the Green Party’s 409, who were both on the ballot. 

Why was I running? I believed, and still do, that there are enough voters who share our values here in south KC in the 36th district, that we can make the difference in our state to:

*Protect innocent life at all ages
*Restore healthcare freedom, lowering costs, improving access
*Improve educational freedom
*Protect freedom of speech and free exercise of your faith
*Push back against human trafficking, though KC is a hub
*Provide needed oversight to county & city governments including solving the Jackson County tax assessment fiasco!

Due to the last minute glitch when I filed my nomination in Jeff City, I did not appear on the ballot, but had the tougher effort as a write-in candidate. Feel free to ask me about any of this, if you’d like to know more.

Let’s continue to develop our voice as concerned members of our community, to see what we can accomplish in the future, especially next year, when the Democrat will be up for re-election.

Please join me if you can for any of our coming events.  
Let’s win back our community in 2020!

Thank you so much!
816.761.9828 landline, rings over to mobile when I’m out
816.820.3413 mobile